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Art Therapy Workshop

A 1-day workshop that will help you understand different methods of healing from colours and paints, to movement and nature!

TIMING: 11 am to 1 pm

VALUE: ₹999/-



Arty Therapy includes all forms of art from drawing and painting, to music and movement, and extends beyond!

This 1-day workshop will give you a glimpse of some of these different forms and we will be exploring these by using them for self-healing. You will gain better understanding of how Art Therapy works, and how you can use some simple techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, mood swings, confusion, and more. 


This camp is for you if…

  • Want to heal yourself in a creative manner

  • Have been struggling with mood swings, anxiety, a mental/ intellectual block, or any other issue

  • Want to learn a new, fun method of healing yourself

  • Want to add a new healing hobby to your routine

  • Want to look within, because the last time you did that was years back

  • Want to pick up paints because the last time you made art was when you were in school

  • Want to explore different forms of art that can help you in your personal journey

  • Want to spend a few hours with creative minds and connect with passionate people

  • Want to spend a day doing something mindful for yourself

  • Are looking for ways to express what you are feeling but find it difficult to put it in words

  • Want to find a new meaningful way to understand yourself

  • Want to explore how meditative, calm, and at the same time energetic and fun an art practice can be

  • Have the urge of changing your mind-space energetically

  • Have been finding it difficult to get in touch with your inner voice

  • Have never done anything like this and want to give it a try

  • Love being a part of such workshops as they feed your creative brain


The Anvani Circle

This workshop has limited seats to ensure that each of us connect with ourselves, our art, the process, and each other.

One-on-one conversations are key, as is kind attention to self.

Once you have registered, you will be part of a private Facebook group and a temporary WhatsApp group where we can keep in touch

and share stories.


This workshop is one that will urge you to think differently, and so, it requires an open mind and a passionate spirit! We aim to find comfort in ourselves in a span of only a few hours, so I urge you to please wear something you are absolutely comfortable in (yes, that includes yoga pants and track pants) as we will be sitting on the floor and of course, we do have a little bit of movement as part of our creative practices.

Most importantly, please remember that The Anvani Centre is a freeing, safe space and you shall find all that you want here, just as you give the same to all around you.

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