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ANVANI means being barefoot.

I believe that as we travel, our legs do take us places, but our feet are so protected; an exceptional sensor is unfortunately denied adventure.

But slip those shoes off, and it is as though all of your senses are enhanced.

The earth can now be felt the way it was meant to be caressed.

All your senses invariably focus on giving each and every element of the Earth due consideration lest you get wounded.

As this new sense is awakened, you will find yourself getting re-acquainted with your surroundings. The texture of the road, the heat of the journey, the tenderness of nature, and much more can now be experienced with ease.

Through this awareness comes clarity and you can finally see the magnified nature of the sky and the ocean, and suddenly, you are a part of something bigger than what was a moment before.   

Being barefoot opens this whole new way of feeling... of understanding... of exploring...

I have always related being barefoot with freedom. For me, it signifies joy, bravery and most importantly liberation! ​

The Anvani Centre is just that. 

It is a safe space to feel, emote, and explore the world outside, and the universe within.

It is a place to heal and grow. 

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