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Celebrate with Us!

Celebrate your special occasions with us!

Make anniversaries... bridal showers... weddings... baby showers... and family get togethers exciting with a splash of colour!

Invite us to host a private event for you and make lasting memories with beautiful, fun artworks to keep those special memories fresh!


Celebrating your special day with a little bit of art can never go wrong!

We offer a variety of options for you to choose from. These include:

- Painting Station

- Curated 2 hour event

- Curated DIY kits

All the above options are a blend of mindfulness as well as excitement!


Painting Station

We will set up a painting station for your guests should they choose to gift you an art piece made by them, or remember your special day through a painting for themselves!

Curated 2 hour event

An event hosted by us from start to finish, planned especially for you, in line with your celebrations! Perfect for Parties, Anniversaries, and Bridal showers & Baby Showers!

Curated DIY Kits

A curated, personalised DIY painting kit with all the material will be sent to you. This is perfect for smaller groups (up to 5 people) who want an intimate, cozy painting party!


  • Colour Pallette

  • Vibe

  • Material/ Medium

  • Type of art

  • Activity

  • Theme

  • Vibe

  • Material (Paper, Canvas, Fabric, etc.)

  • Medium

  • Material

  • Type of painting (Abstract, Mandala, Printed Canvas, etc.)

Thank You!

Experiences with The Anvani Centre are ones that will urge you to embrace something new, different, and absolutely fantastic! Special occasions are just that, SPECIAL; but choosing us to make them a little more colourful is truly an honour for us.


Thank you for choosing us to be a colourful part of your day!

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