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Financial Healing

A 5-day online healing camp that will get us prepared for the abundant energy of Diwali!

DATES: To Be Decided

TIMING: 9 pm to 10 pm


VENUE: Online

 CALL +91 93223 71833 TO   REGISTER 


Pranic Healing is a form of Energy Healing that goes beyond our physical and psychological ailments to encompass all aspects of our life. This means that not only can physical ailments and psychological issues be healed, but issues with our abundance, relationships, and even environment can be healed through this form of Energy Healing. 

Through the course of 5 days, I will be healing a group of people at the same time. Issues that pertain to our thought processes, and of course our energies will be addressed. 

Read more about Pranic Healing HERE!

This camp is for you if…

  • You have been stuck in the same financial situation for quite some time

  • You simply want to cleanse yourself for better abundance

  • You have loans that you need to pay off soon/ comfortably

  • You have some funds that have been stuck for some time

  • You are thinking of expanding your business

  • You want to work towards a personal/ professional goal

  • You want to improve your standard of living

  • You want more returns on your investments

  • You want to invest in new arenas soon

  • You want to buy a new car, or property, etc. 


The Anvani Circle

This camp has limited seats to ensure that each of us connect with ourselves, the process, and healing.

Being open to healing is key, as is kind attention to self.

Once you have registered, you will be part of a private Facebook group and a temporary WhatsApp group where we can keep in touch.

This Financial Healing Camp will be limited to 30 participants.

Camp eligibility

You are all eligible for healing!


This camp is one that will urge you to think differently, and so, it requires an open mind and a kind outlook. We aim to find comfort in ourselves in a span of only a few hours, so I urge you to follow the guidelines that will be sent via email for the best results!

Healing does not require you to do anything but relax in your body and find your center. So, all that you may need to do before the session will be conveyed well in advance.

Most importantly, please remember that Studio Anvani is a freeing, safe space and you shall find all that you want here, just as you give the same to all around you.

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