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Intuitive Abstract Art

Being an abstract artist, I often find it difficult to describe my process; and add intuition to it, and, well let's just say things got a little complicated for me!

But here is a little about how I create my art.

I hope this insight inspires you to make art and also connect with mine!

What is intuitive painting?

It is exactly as the name suggests!

Intuitive painting is the process where you let go of your pre-learnt techniques, methods and expectations too, and let art speak for and to itself, creating emotions, stories and experiences, rather than fixed ideas.

Inspiration can be found in music, movement, words


My Art Process

My art process is unconventional, and ever-changing.


This process includes days of journalling, reading, meditation, movement therapy, and more after which the first layer is purposefully painted. Intentions, purpose, and expectations are all set for the first and the last time in this layer.


The rest of the process is just paint talking with paint, colours speaking with colours and media merging with media. The critical mind takes a backseat and the creative mind soars!

Energy and Art

Energy plays a very important role in my art, as it does in all aspects of my life. Over the duration of my creative journey, I have had the opportunity to learn and heal from a number of unfavourable experiences. This made me sensitive to the language of energy.


While I learnt the science behind it through Pranic Healing much later, I realised that the abstract designs that flowed through me onto the canvases were actually stories that I was picking up on energetically. This language has become one of my most favourite ones to paint in!


My Inspiration

My art journey began with Indian Traditional Art. Stories told over generations were my go-to subjects and while mythology remains one of my favourite subjects of study today, I have found the Universe to be my muse now.

The expanse of space and depth of the ocean invariably makes its way out of me, on to my canvases.

I now enjoy speaking with my art, allowing it to speak through me!

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