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Out of the many books at my studio, there are a few that speak to me, clearly, concisely, and with clarity. One such book is Remember, Be Here Now by Ram Dass.

Written in 1971, it speaks about yoga, meditation and spirituality. But unlike most books on these subjects this one includes art and only nudges you towards the answers you seek rather than spell it out for you. Working perfectly with my intuitive process, these pages help me change my perspective, come out of the art slump, and sometimes even help me break out of the artist block. Here are some of the pages, artwork as well as quotes that are my personal favourite, and my interpretation of them!


“Except ye be converted & become little children

ye shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven”

Unless you


become that trusting open surrendered being,

the energy can’t come in that is the Kingdom of Heaven


it is the same thing


For me, these words speak of the importance of unlearning, in order to learn. I believe that there are 2 words that slow your growth and they are, “I KNOW.” Having an attitude where we are more willing to learn rather than debate over how big the challenges are, is a more proactive approach which not only helps us deal with issues, but also helps us regulate our emotions in a healthy manner. While this quote may seem mainly spiritual, it is apt for all as we all need a reminder that we are capable of learning a little more than what we know now.


I am without form

without limit

Beyond space beyond time

I am in everything everything is in me

I am the bliss of the Universe


One of my most favourite thought, meditative experience, and artistic experience is that of experiencing the Universe within me. Tuning into stories that are not mine is an activity of delving deep into the Universe, and one that is a huge part of my p[ainting process. As such, this quote reminds me that while I may be this, I am also everything, just as everything exists within me!


The way to get into the Spirit is not a lot of Hocus-pocus.

It’s a very simple methodical, mechanical set of steps

But they’re only available to him who can hear

Let those who have ears hear

Teach not him who does not want to know

The whole game is based on FAITH

Every person has their own experiences, and is on a journey that is separate from yours. As such, as you grow, them growing at that exact pace is unlikely. We sometimes focus on our growth so much that we fail to respect the journey of others around us. Sure, we are all going to the same destination, but not by the same route. Everyone deserves their own time and route and that consideration must be given! At the same time, do encourage your loved ones to grow with you, you never know, the pace may even match! But till then, have patience and have faith.


Everything is done without attachment.

Another way of saying it is:

It’s all done as consecrated action…

It’s all dedicated…

It’s all sacred.

Attachment has quite a negative reputation, but for me, attachment means that we care. Of course, we don’t let our attachment govern our lives, that is when its current reputation comes into play, something that we can do without.

So, how do we achieve this detachment?

We set intentions for our actions…

We carry these actions forward…

And have an open mind about the results.

It always helps me have different perspectives so that I know that the actions that I am taking have come from a clear space. This clarity always helps me calm down, and reduces the expectations of the results. It should also be noted that emotions are what makes us human. And so, a little disappointment if the result is unexpected is only natural. It is important to be kind to yourself, and help yourself come back to clarity from the storms of the emotions.


There is nowhere to go & there is nothing to do.

In an age where running and achieving has become integral to one’s identity, this quote brings me crashing back to earth. When I am in this moment, there is nowhere that I need to be, and nothing that I need to do. Being present in this moment is no easy task, and being still within is one of the biggest achievements that you can enjoy.

At some point, we’ll all realise how to be… simply be…

Please use this blog to encourage yourself to slow down, observe, love, and be!

Till next time,

Keep creating!


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