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About US

Atma Namaste!

My name is Arundhati.

I am a Pranic Healer, an Intuitive Abstract Artist, and a traveller, and yes, it is as exciting as it sounds (most of the time)!​


As a self-taught artist, my creative journey has been packed with ups and downs. But what it has taught me is that art has the power to help us express, introspect, explore, heal, transform and grow. Somewhere deep within us there is this strength that can be let free through colours, patterns, movement, meditation, and simply having fun!


My art keeps evolving, however, what I paint is constant and yet dynamic. I enjoy tapping into emotions, stories and experiences that I am surrounded by energetically. 

I believe in the healing power of colours, energy, nature and just that little bit of magic that we all hope exists!


Apart from being a certified Associate Pranic Healer, I also have a Diploma in Counselling Psychology, as well as a Diploma in Art Therapy.

At The Anvani Centre, I hope to bring these two worlds of art and healing together for you as they have seamlessly merged into one for me.​


Arundhati Bhand



Mehek Rathore

Pranic Healer

A multi-faceted individual immersed in the captivating realms of the esoteric world and energy healing, Mehek finds solace and inspiration in their transformative powers. As a passionate fashion designer and artist, she weaves her creative expression into tangible forms, infusing them with mystical and healing energies that captivate her soul.


Renuka Desshpande

Pranic Healer

Believer & doer of 'Always a learner be', Renuka is now on a journey to understand the Soul beyond the human body and mind. She is a Pranic Healer & Occult explorer wanting to help herself and those around her evolve & live up to creating positive Karmic Impressions.

She is an International Powerlifter & National Gold Medalist in Classic Powerlifting.

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